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Boat Names - What's the facination?

  Published March 20th, 2016

As part of our new boat packages, we give the lucky buyers the unique opportunity to 'create' or 'think of' that special name for thier new boat.
Afterall, what's a boat without a cool name?

The name usually gives the boat a unique family identity, like a stamp of approval and joint family ownership. We assist our customers with the whole process, from choosing the right looking font, correctly positioning the name on the boat. We the have our graphic artist create your individual name with your choice of colours, styles and font, just the way you like it. The we email you a proof of concept to sign off  before we affix the name (vinyl laser cut letters) that are UV protected, so they will last and not crumble. They are also removable, which is quite lucky given that some owners may not want the ex wive's or gilrfriends name of the back of the boat, especially if that relationship is no longer!

Our name creation for your boat is not just limited to new boats purchased from us, we have also created names and affix registration numbers, for many of the 500+ Boats (PWC's and Tenders) here at the marina that we've sold.

It's a really rewarding process for everyone involved in the name creation, because the finished product brings so much pleasure to all (including us), it is a real family event.

  • Ever thought of why and how a particular name was chosen?
  • Do you ponder what is the actual relevance to that owner, it's just like working out the meaning of the personalised car number-plate you pulled up next too.

Well we do all of the time!

As a matter of fact, we often ask the customer for an explanation, so we can correctly explain it other boat owners, who are guaranteed to ask.

Two common questions about boat names

  1. Their is NO register of names for recreational powerboats, so you are free to choose away. 
  2. You can freely change the name of your boat. Their is an old boating superstition that says the boat name must never be changed, this may apply to commercial ships on international waters, however this does not apply to recreational power boats nor sailing craft. So yoiu can sleep easy, as their no evidence to suggest that changing your boats name causes longer term problems or bad luck.

Below are a few pictures of interesting Boat Names located here at St Kilda Marina, with simple explanations (underneath) of why they were selected? 

ENJOY, it's very interesting to work out the connections....


The name is pronounced "sss koo gi" It is the name of the famous fish market in Japan - the largest in the world. The vessel owner lived just near it in Tokyo and went there regulary, to watch the Tuna Auctions & just take photos. Our customer hopes that they will too, have a lot of Tuna in the boat over the years and that it will become "a fish market"!!


Initials of the three children in the family. Em, La, Ja

The Latin word navis comes from the ancient Greek nafs, meaning "ship". II refers to the second vessel of the same name for this owner.

Really simple but well considered: The owner of this boat is: Mr Armstrong.... (get it)

A name well chosen by all of the family members, because Getaway is the name of the families favorite TV show.

Be very careful with this one, so let's break it down and cover the kids ears: "Up Your Bum". The second vessel with this name for our comical owner.

 Vessel named because it's the street name of where they live!

If you would like us to assist with name creation, vessel registration numbers and affix to your vessel, simply give us a call.
We would be delighted to help!!

Phone Darren at St Kilda Boat Sales on 03) 9525-5500, we'd love to help!

Darren Finkelstein - 'The Boat Guy'

Darren Finkelstein is 'The Boat Guy' with over 35 years of boating experience to share.

Author of the award winning bestseller:
Honey, let's buy a BOAT! and follow up sequel; Honey, let's go BOATING! which highlights the BEST 101 places to go boating in Victoria. 

Considered by many as an industry expert, Darren has an active media presence. You will often hear him on radio, view his video blogs, read his articles or watch him on the international stage at boat shows, corporate and lifestyle events.  

Together with business partner Andrew Rose, they buy, sell, service, repair, fuel and maintain power boats offering advice to prospective boat owners around Australia as Dealer Principals and co-owners of St Kilda Boat Sales an industry accredited dealer and broker with an enviable client base. St Kilda Boat Sales has boat sales offices located at both St Kilda Marina and Wyndham Harbour.

Listen to Darren on radio 3AW as he delivers his unique Beach N' Bay reports <live> this summer. Watch Darren on Foxtel and ch7 presenting for the TV show "All About Boats", he is an on-screen presenter and ambassador for "Life's Better With A Boat" campaign for the Boating Industry Association. In addition, Darren is the proud boating ambassador for Wyndham Harbour, Melbourne’s new centre for recreational boating on the north-western side of Port Phillip.

Connect and get social with Darren: Twitter Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+

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